Staff Retention

Why staff retention is a top priority today

A revolving door of staff and high employee turnover isn’t what you want to be spending your time and energy on. Instead, you want staff members that stick around, learn your processes and become empowered enough to evolve into leaders, like you.

Jenny Folley

The Rise Of Flexible Workspaces

Flexible workspaces expert and founder of @WORKSPACES, Jenny Folley, explains the rise of flexible workspaces

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Australia is now on the cusp of very volatile economic period. As the world tries to pick up the pieces after two years of global lockdowns and constant setbacks, we continue to face the aftermath of COVID on many levels.

Staff Retention

Revolving door of employees?

Here are 5 ways to retain your staff

Your business can only ever be as good as the team you have in place to run it.
Of course, once you go to all the hard work and expense of finding and employing the best staff possible, you want to keep them. Not only is replacing staff expensive, but high turnover also depletes staff morale since staff engagement and connection needs to form all over again from scratch.

Jenny Folley

Jenny Folley

A life dedicated to building communities and supporting business owners

Every entrepreneur knows that battle of turning an idea into a business. Typically, you start working from home (maybe even in the garage like Jeff Bezos) but with kids, housework and other distractions, it’s just not a place that allows for focus or future growth.

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Business owners often talk about how one of their goals is to grow their business and become successful–but do they really know what growth entails and what is expected of them?


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