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working from home

So it’s time to look at moving forward!!

What is your business going to look like post Covid-19?

Will you return to the traditional corporate office space or will your workers experience of working remotely change their or your expectations of how they work in the future?

Melbourne Serviced Offices

Preparing For Tough Times

Companies Can Reduce CBD Real Estate Costs By Using Serviced Offices

With some tough economic times predicted, now is a good time to review fixed business overheads including your real estate leasing costs.

The last few months have shown that most businesses don't need all of their employees to be taking up expensive CBD floor space

Working from home issues

Working From Home? - A Serviced Office Could Be The Answer

Working from home can be great in theory but in practice can be very difficult.  Here are just a few of the issues that may need to be dealt with. 

Toorak Serviced Offices

Post Covid Our CBDs May Never Look The Same

Federal and State Governments are begining to roll back social-distancing restrictions, and businesses are looking at how to navigate a safe return to the office.  Many are questioning however, what the new normal is going to look like.

Surge In Demand for Serviced Offices

Surge in demand for serviced offices as many people abandon working from home

Companies providing serviced office space are experiencing a huge upsurge in demand from people who are finding it too hard to work from home, with kids off school, too many distractions or not enough useable work space.


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