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Creating a Sustainable and Ergonomic Professional Environment

A Healthy Environment Is A More Productive Environment

How important is the health of your employees to the health of your business?

Ergonomic workplaces that encourage workers to move around and change position, like sit/stand desks and ergonomic office chairs reduce the chance of injury, improve the physical health of workers as well as improving mental health.

Creating a Healthy Coworking space

Mental health issues are increasingly being seen as a major drain on productivity. It is estimated that workplace mental ill-health in Australia cost $12.8 million in 2016. Half of that cost ($6.1 billion) comes under the heading of "Presenteeism".  That is, people who show up for work but are on average 50% less productive because they are suffering from mental health issues.  PwC estimates that someone with moderate mental health issues loses around 140 hours per year in productivity.  That is the equivalent of taking an extra 4 weeks of paid leave each year!

Research shows that an office that is boring and ergonomically challenged is a significant mental health hazard and results in more days off work sick as well as reducing productivity of employees who are working.

Our surroundings can stimulate or sedate our brains.  Think how stimulated an employee is if they are sitting in one of those 1980's style cubicles 8 hours each day!  Modern office design has fortunately come a long way since then.

Atworkspaces prides itself on providing modern, on trend stimulating work spaces.  Our offices and coworking spaces have sit/stand desks, ergonomically designed chairs and various breakout areas to make your workplace as stimulating as possible.


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