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So it’s time to look at moving forward!!

What is your business going to look like post Covid-19?

Will you return to the traditional corporate office space or will your workers experience of working remotely change their or your expectations of how they work in the future?

I’m finding people are falling into two camps – either they have gotten used to remote working or like not having to commute or the second camp they can’t wait to get back into the office and to working from a space outside of their homes.

work from home

For business owners the task of negotiating all of this can be daunting. Finding the balance of taking care of one’s employees as well as trying to re-coup losses and move forward in the most cost effective way is challenging. One can look at from the glass half full perspective and see that maybe this is an opportune time to reinvent your business so that you can move forward keeping your employees happy as well as restructuring where and how you do business. It’s perhaps time to start looking at other options. So what are those options?

Have you thought about serviced offices?

What are serviced offices? You might ask.
Having been in and around the industry for over 30 years it always surprises me how many people don’t know what a serviced office actually is. The industry of serviced offices has evolved over time and perhaps you have heard the more hip terms of co-working and flexispace being bandied about. The number of people who work in traditional businesses who come into see atWorkspaces for the first time are pleasantly surprised to see what a serviced office is actually like. They come in with the expectation that atWorkspaces will be like in the movie The Intern, noisy and full of activity with young people playing pool or shooting hoops in between phone calls or closing the next deal. Though there might be places like that out there – atWorkspaces offers an alternative.

Work from home alternative

If you are looking for a cost-effective way of moving forward, atWorkspaces is definitely worth considering.
Firstly let me explain what you can expect. atWorkspaces is an Australian owned and operated serviced office and co-working provider. The simplest way to describe a serviced office is – it’s like a serviced apartment but for businesses. Your office comes fully furnished, you only pay for the space that you need and the services that you use.

The best way to describe co-working at atWorkspaces is that it’s desks and executive chairs set-up in an open plan space. Don’t worry the desks are spaced to comply with Covid 19 ruling of 1.5m distance!!
Unlike traditional conventional leases, with all their hidden costs, all fixed costs for your serviced office or co-working desk is included in your monthly itemised invoice.

Whilst costs may look high initially, the rent you pay includes all your outgoings that you would normally pay on top of rent in a traditional office. These include building rates, electricity, gas, security, cleaning, building maintenance, insurances etc.

All your office furniture such as the latest workstations, executive chairs, and filing cabinets are also included in the monthly rental. Other included amenities are high quality kitchens with complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water and end of trip facilities, which on a monthly basis can be costly in a traditional office.

When it comes to leases, traditional offices are generally fixed whereas atWorkspaces offers you flexibility. You can choose from short term or long term to suit the changing nature of your business, with the flexibility to upscale or down scale as needed. You have the option to take multiple offices or co-working desks in multiple locations to suit you or your employees needs if they no longer want to do the long commute into the CBD. The choice of flexible, tailored working solutions to suit all project teams and large managed suites for corporate teams that require their own private, exclusive space is all yours!

The best part about serviced offices is that you don’t pay for space you don’t use much. In a traditional office you would need to lease space for private and formal meetings, not to mention the cost of investing in the latest whiteboards, video conferencing equipment, TVs etc . With atWorkspaces each of our professionally designed business centres contain a variety of options for clients and visitors to meet and collaborate, both privately and informally. Our private meeting rooms cater for 4-16 people and include the latest presentation technology. Each centre can also cater for client events, large presentations and conferences. These spaces are available on hourly or daily rates so you only pay when you use them.

atWorkspaces also offers you the option of using collaborative breakout areas in all our centres, there are no additional charges for the use of these areas.

Most co-working or flexispaces have what’s known in the industry as a concierge desk. atWorkspaces offers you a fully manned reception desk with a receptionist who will meet and greet your clients, offering them a complimentary beverage whilst they wait for you in the reception area. This again is all included in your monthly rent.

If you or your staff require other secretarial services our highly skilled staff are on hand to offer support. This is a pay as you use service.

Independent studies have shown that serviced offices can provide up to 78% cost savings when compared to a conventional lease option. If you are still unsure which direction to go feel free to give us a call and book in for either a virtual or in person tour of one our centres. That way you can see for yourself that serviced offices is the way forward for your business.


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