Coworking Space When Traveling

So the family want to go away for the holidays but you are afraid to get too far from the office? Atworkspaces clients are taking advantage of the option to utilise our network of coworking spaces in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Coworking Trends

Coworking Trends

In their infancy coworking spaces targeted freelancers, solo entrepreneurs or small businesses, offering basic office space and secretarial services. As the way we work continues to evolve so has the coworking industry.

Elephant in the Home Office

WHS - The Elephant in the Home Office

2020 was the year when many employees were forced by Covid-19 to work from home.  Many continue to do so by choice.  Shortcuts were taken by necessity but now employers are starting to acknowledge the "elephant in the home office".

Brighton Serviced Office

2020 Changed Workspaces and Employee Engagement

Many businesses found to their surprise that productivity actually increased initially as employees embrassed the opportunity to work from home.  Unfortunately that productivity increase has not always been maintained over time.

Working from home issues

Working from home is not a viable option for everyone

Working from home is not a viable option for everyone no matter how many Zoom meetings, Skype calls or ZOHO projects you set up.

Many homes simply are not designed to be offices

Co Working Space

Coworking founder predicts industry will expand to new and blue collar

Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

According to Jenny Folley, traditional white collar dominated coworking and private office spaces are being adopted by blue collar workers across the country.


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